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Friday 7-10pm; Saturday 9am-12pm

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What if I can't make the vendor meeting?
A: All vendors must a make a valid attempt to make the one and only meeting that we have - or you run the risk of not being allowed to sell. This meeting is to help answer any and all questions that may arise. The sale is a lot of work and its success is vastly dependent on the vendor's efforts to promote it. At the meeting you will select your share of advertising and be given instructions on how best to distribute the info. If for some unavoidable reason you are unable attend even part of the meeting, please contact the clothing sale coordinator at

Q: I can't open the PDF files to read the instructions or get the registration form.
A: You need a PDF reader to open most forms and documents on this website. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD YOUR FREE ADOBE READER.

Q: I can't print the price tags- where can I get some?
A: The price tags are available on the vendor's page in both PDF and WORD formats. You can also pick up price tags at the vendor meeting. Email to receive the tags in a different format.

Q: Where can I get hangers?
A: Many retail outlets will give you hangers. People have had good success with Old Navy, Walmart, Zehrs or Supersstore, Bargain Shop, Bonnie Tog, Children’s Place and more. ASK!! DO NOT use Dollarstore hangers please.

Q: How do the shifts work/ Can I work partial shifts?
A: To be fair everyone who is working the sale must work at least one shift. Partial shift can only be accommodated in extreme circumstances. You must speak to one of the Co-Chairs to arrange.

Q: When can I drop my stuff off?
A: Drop off dates can be found on Rules and Regulations page.

Q: Can I sell ------- (fill in the blank - could be anything!!!!) ?
A: If a child can wear it, eat from it, bathe in it, play with it, ride on it, sleep under it, sleep in it, read it, watch it, ride in it.. you can sell it!! Everything must have ALL PIECES, be clean and working. Car seats, strollers, cribs and other equipment should NOT be under recall. These items need a separate waiver. Available HERE

Q: How much does it cost to rent a table?
A: We do not rent tables. This sale works differently. Click here for more information.
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